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CS1200k Starts
May 4th 2017
4am Thursday


Carolina Spring 1200k

Coastal loop

CS1200 will start May 4, 2017

4507 NC 55/Apex Hwy
Durham, NC, 27713, US
(919) 361-2656

Sanctioned by the Randonneurs Mondiaux (RM)RM info link

2017 ==>> May 4th 2017
Thursday – start time 4 am

Info will be posted as it develops for the 2017 CS 1200

There will be some climbing for 2017 with about 14,000 ft or less total
Will post details later when route is closer to being finalized.

This is a new route and area for riders to explore in 2017! It does have a little bit of the 2013 VA and Northern Coastal NC routes

General CS1200 info

Carolina Spring 1200 route has been designed so that participants will get to see a variety of terrain and scenery while riding in North Carolina and maybe some surrounding states

There will be considerable changes to the route for 2017 but may be similar to previous routes.

The Carolina Spring 1200 is early May 2017 and it will be at least a good event.
Packet pickup will be Wednesday afternoon/early-evening

The start will be Thursday morning. We're still working on the details and fine tuning route due what seems to be constant road construction in NC. The start will be in Durham not too far from the airport

The route will go into the Piedmont of NC and VA, then to Coastal plains of NC

For 2017 we plan to have rooms for pre-reg'd riders at the 3 planned main overnight controls.
The 2017 Jersey is not included unless you send in an extra $75 with your payment

Thanks for your interest in the 2017 CS 1200k

Prelim map • 2017 CS 1200

The map posted below is the preliminary map for the 2017 CS1200 route. The route may change slightly to accommodate construction, which is still changing due to road conditions, etc. and will be updated in the RWGps link as it is changed.

For 2017 you'll have an opportunity to taste the Foothills/Piedmont and Coastal areas of NC as well as little of VA and the sandhills of NC on your ride

Climbing on the 2017 route will be mostly in the first third and last quarter

2017 CS 1200 Prelim map is posted below

2017 Prelim Route

With the new route - map below - these are the planned main controls *subject to change as needed*

2017 Prelim Route

Please look at link for actual route

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To pre-register for the CS1200, please use our online application info form. Fill in all blanks and submit the form which will temporarily hold your spot. Your CS1200 spot will be held if your application is approved and when we receive payment in full for the event. An email will be sent to applicants updating them on their slot status. You will be required to sign the waivers on Wednesday May 3rd 2017 at packet pickup.

CS1200 Pre-registration will close Apr 28 2017

Rider slots will be filled based on payment in full date. Lists of your CS1200 spot status will be posted on the website and riders will be listed according to their payment status (no amounts will be listed, just partial or full payment may be indicated). Mail in applications will be available upon request only. In the event more applications are received than available ride spots, the spots will be filled according to payment in full date.
Payment in FULL must be received to get a ride spot.

In the event that you meet the application requirements and a ride spot is not available, you will be notified that you have been placed on a waiting list.

Bicycle for Life reserves the right to refuse any application, entry or participation of any person in any of our events without explanation!


2017 CS1200k
Finishers list

  1. Paul Donaldson
  2. James Haddad
  3. Wayne King
  4. Tom Knoblauch
  5. Vincent Muoneke
  6. Bill Olsen
  7. Mark Olsen
  8. Christopher Slocum
  9. Mike Sturgill
  10. Mark Thomas
  11. Joe Todd

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Drop Bags

For riders who are registered and riding the CS1200
Up to 3 small individual drop bags may be used and can be taken to the main intermediate overnight controls along the route for you, more details later

The drop bags are planned to be taken to the official overnight Main hotels/controls only for you. The bags will be picked up at or before the control closing time or near the time when the last rider leaves the control. The bags will be brought to the finish control during the last and may not get there until near the end of the 1200k time limit.

Please do not put anything in your drop bag that you cannot do without for a few days just in case we miss you or cannot get them to you at the finish for some reason.

Important !!! Note:
If you do not wait at the finish for your drop bags, they can be shipped to you at your expense, BFL will not pay for shipping of items to you!

BFL will not be responsible for your drop bags or items in your drop bags.

Drop bags can taken to the Main Controls

Remember -

  • MAX 3 bags - 1 bag per chosen MC's
    The bags most likely will not be shuttled forward,

    No Wheels, bike frames, large items, etc.
    No laptops, iPads, or similar electronics/computers
    No fluid in bottles such as water, gatorade, pre-mixed drinks, sodas, etc.
    Only small bags : RUSA style, small-med duffle, small back packs
    No paper or thin plastic bags
    All bags must be well labeled/tagged with riders name on outside
    (we will have some labels for riders to apply)


    also have name & contact info inside each bag
    The bags most likely will not be shuttled forward,
    so once a control is closed most drop bags will most likely be taken to the finish.

With the new route - map below - these are planned to be the main controls *subject to change as needed*

4507 NC 55/Apex Hwy
Durham, NC, 27713, US
(919) 361-2656

- MC1 - Elizabeth City NC –
SLEEP Stop 1 – Hampton Inn

- MC2 – New Bern NC –
SLEEP Stop 2 – Comfort Inn

- MC3 – Clinton NC –
SLEEP Stop 3 – Comfort Inn

- MC-Finish – Durham NC –
Finish – Comfort Inn

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Rooms at the Intermediate Main Overnight Controls are included for Pre-Reg'd riders

Rooms at the 3 Main Overnight Controls should be available for riders to rest and sleep during the majority of the time that control is open
Riders will be sharing rooms with other riders
Riders must decide where they plan to sleep so we can plan for that.

For the 2017 CS1200 and TC1200
riders will need to reserve and pay for their own rooms

  1. at the start / finish
  2. if you need to sleep some other place than a main control where CS1200 or TC1200 has rooms reserved for a rider(s),
    then you'll need to make those reservations and cover any expenses related to those reservations.
    Rider must decide where they plan to sleep so we can plan for that.

There are a few towns that have reasonable accommodation available for many different styles or habits of the riders.

We are working with Hotels at the start/finish and hopefully will set aside a block of rooms which will allow riders to reserve/book a place to stay as needed at a good reduced rate.

So please make your start and finish nights reservations soon.
CS1200 and TC1200 will have a staff room at start/finish and possibly a storage room for the weekend at the start/finish hotel. We will also be using the staff room on Wednesday night for packet pickup if it is raining or you are late arriving.

At packet pickup the day before the start we plan to have food arrangements planned, etc. either in the parking lot or a nearby restaurant.


Starts will be from a parking lot close to host hotel

Please do not park at the host hotel unless you have a room there all weekend or have permission to park in a specific lot


CS1200 and TC1200 will be using several hotels along the routes

CS1200 and TC1200 will have a staff room at the start finish hotel and will have a room for drop bags or for riders to clean up at finish



4507 NC 55/Apex Hwy
Durham, NC, 27713, US
(919) 361-2656

We only have a small block of rooms set aside for Wednesday night only, so please mention, the bike ride to get the rate for our group. You may want to check online for a better rate for Wednesday night or for the night you'll finish


Thursday Meal for riders

There will be a cookout or arrangements for a rider meal on Wednesday at about 4pm afternoon with food, snacks and drinks. Everyone has really liked the cookout gathering for the TC1200K events

Meals along the route

Meals along the route are the responsibility of each rider. Many controls are stores and stores may be available between controls, many of which will be indicated on the cue sheets when posted.

  • Some food or snacks and liquid will be available at the CS1200 staffed main controls
  • We will have a variety of food and drinks in the main control rooms we'll use
  • Riders need to buy, get or carry their own food along the route. There are many stores at reasonable intervals along much of the route and many will be open when most riders are traveling on route.
  • If you plan to ride straight through quickly and not stop for much sleep on the CS1200, there may be some long sections at night where there are not any stores open, so please plan accordingly
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The CS1200 ride fee amount will be dependent on when you pay in full for your spot in the event!
Please plan ahead!
Cost is subject to change if the economy has a drastic swing in the cost of holding/hosting the event.

Please pay in US dollars only!

Full Payment Before CS1200
No Jersey With Jersey
Full Payment Before Mar 15 325 400
with jersey -
may be late getting to you
Full Payment Before Apr 1 350 425
with jersey -
may be late getting to you
Full Payment Before May 1 400 475
with jersey -
may be late getting to you
Payments should be made payable to
Bicycle for Life
If you are mailing payment please send it to

Bicycle for Life
Tony Goodnight
1935 Barringer Rd
Salisbury NC 28147

Please pay in US dollars only!

Credit Cards are only accepted online through PayPal
Please add a note along with your payment indicating what it is for!

Pay now with your PayPal account

Click below to make a payment now!

(note: The button takes you to PayPal)

Payment may be made using PayPal, a good check, money order
or in person with cash given to High Point RBA

Payment time will be determined as follows:
PayPal = date:time paid
Check or Money Order = date:time post marked if mailed or date:time given to RBA
Cash = date:time given to RBA

Cancellation & Refunds-

* There will be NO REFUNDS for 2017 CS1200 *

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You may apply before qualifying. If you have not yet qualified or are requesting a 'Qualification Exemption', please note either on your application,
and give us the details when you do complete qualifying.
If you have not qualified by Apr 15th, your spot for the event may be lost
and may only be refunded according to our Cancellation & Refund statements.

All entrants to the CS1200 should meet the following the following qualifications:

  • * Successful completion of a 200, 300, 400, and 600 kilometer brevet series
    in either calendar year 2015 or 2016 prior to the start of the CS1200
    or completed a 1200k within the previous 2 years or a 1000k within the last year.
    Qualifying events may be a mix of ACP brevets or RUSA brevets or RUSA Permanents.
    Longer brevets may be substituted for shorter events if necessary.
    In limited circumstances, the rider may apply to the RBA for other substitutions.
  • * All riders must agree to and sign Bicycle for Life & RUSA liability waivers prior to the start of the ride.
  • * All riders must pass a bike inspection the evening before the ride.
    See the schedule page for the time and location of this inspection.
  • * All riders should be physically and mentally fit enough to complete the event entered
    and have no current health issues that would prevent finishing
    or that may harm the rider by participating in the event.

To look up your past results for RUSA use this link and enter your RUSA number.

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The design will be a similar color scheme, but with slight changes in design elements,

The CS1200 Jersey will not be included for CS1200 event unless you pay the extra $75 when you send in your payment.

If you get a jersey, we hope to have it in your packet, provided your payment is received soon enough to get it printed. Otherwise it will be shipped to the CS1200 participants after it is printed.

Additional jerseys may be ordered, if order is placed early enough. All jerseys ordered after Feb 15 may be delayed considerably! Orders for the jersey may be placed before and after event. A link for sizing will be posted and size will be confirmed prior placing the jersey order.

We would like to have matching items such as shorts, vest, arm warmers, etc. but cost to produce makes that unlikely. Please contact us if interested.

The basic price of an extra short sleeve jersey will be $75 plus shipping(as needed). A full price list for all items, including options may be posted later.

Orders may not be available after the event is done and we have gone home!

The approximate design for the 2017 jersey will be posted when finished

Below was the design for the 2014 jersey

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Routes to be posted when complete

2017 CS1200k cue sheets

You will get a paper copy of cue sheets at packet pickup, but you may want to look these over prior to the ride

1200cue pdf

1200cue xls

CS1200 GPS links 1200k GPS full route active map ~ mile 0 to 754

GPS sections of the route for smaller files and faster calculation

CS2017-1 GPS links 1200k GPS route active map ~ mile
CS2017-2 GPS links 1200k GPS route active map ~ mile
CS2017-3 GPS links 1200k GPS route active map ~ mile
CS2017-4 GPS links 1200k GPS route active map ~ mile

2017 - CS1200 General map

2017 Prelim Route

Please goto map link for actual route!

More info will be posted, if you are interested in riding the CS1200k please use our Contact formand you will be put on our contact list

Rider limit

It is very important if you are interested in participating in the CS1200 that you take time to to send a dedicated email to BFL, with the the subject "CS1200k info" or similar, stating that you want more info about the CS1200k in the body of your email. You may also use the contact form online with the info request in the comment section.

The event may fill-up,
so let us know if you are interested in riding!!!!!!

If the rider limit is reached, there will be a waiting list, so let us know.

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Control Card samples

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