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TC1200k Starts
Oct 9th 2014
4am Thursday


Taste of Carolina 1200k

Sanctioned by the Randonneurs Mondiaux (RM) RM info link

2014 ==>> Oct 9th 2014
Thursday – start time 4am

Columbus Day weekend

Info will be posted as it develops for the 2014 TC 1200

A bit more climbing for 2014 with about 32,000 ft total climbing.
Will post details later when route is closer to being finalized.

We are working a totally new route and area for riders to explore in 2014!...

Taste Carolina 1200k will start Thursday Oct 9 2014

General TC1200 info

Taste of Carolina 1200 routes have been designed so that participants will get to see a variety of terrain and scenery while riding in North Carolina, South Carolin and Georgia

There will be considerable changes to the route using a new format for 2014.

We will also have a 1000k Brevet starting on the same day for those that want to ride just a little shorter route!

The Taste of Carolina 1200 is just before Columbus Day 2014 and it will be at least a good event. Packet pickup will be Wednesday afternoon/early-evening

The start will be Thursday morning. We're still working on the details and fine tuning route. The start will be near Charlotte / Huntersville NC

There will be a section into the mountains of NC, then to the Southern Coastal plains of SC/GA, with a more direct route back to the start

For 2014 we plan to have some rooms for riders at the planned many overnight controls.
The 2014 Jersey is not included unless you send in an extra $50 with your payment

We'll have you more info later!
Thanks for your interest in the 2014 TC 1200k

Prelim map • 2014 TC 1200

The map below is currently the preliminary map for the 2014 TC 1200 route. The route may change slightly to accomadate construction, poor road conditions, etc. and will be updated in the RWGps link as it is changed.

Taste means several things, so for 2014 you'll have an opportunity to taste the foothills and mountains of NC & SC as well as the coastal plains of GA on your way from Huntersvill NC to Savannah GA and back.

Climbing on the 2014 route is spread out for the most part. Most of your steepest and longest climbs will be in the section from Chimney Rock NC to Caesars Head State Park SC where in that 42 miles you'll gain ~4500ft of total climbing. At Caesars Head you'll be at about ~140 miles with ~11,500 of the climbing behind you. Then you'll have ~7 miles and drop ~2100 ft in altitude on the decent from Caesars Head.

It looks like hotels in Anderson and Clinton SC will work for most riders, as well as the Best Western in Savannah
I think most people could stop in Anderson for the first night, even though it’s only about 183 miles with ~14,000 ft of climbing at that point.
Anderson SC to Savannah GA is a little over 400k ~258miles  with only ~8400 ft of climbing
Savannah GA to Clinton SC ~216 miles & ~5600 ft of climbing
Both of those sections should not be too hard with decent weather Columbus Day weekend in Oct.
With a short ~98 mile & 6300 ft for the last section from Clinton SC to Huntersville NC finish.

2014 TC 1200 Prelim map posted below



To pre-register for the TC1200, please use our online application info form. Fill in all blanks and submit the form which will temporarily hold your spot. Your TC1200 spot will be held if your application is approved and when we receive payment in full for the event. An email will be sent to applicants updating them on their slot status. You will be required to sign the waivers on Wednesday October 8th 2014 at packet pickup.

Pre - Registration is open

Pre-registration will close Oct 1st 2014

Rider slots will be filled based on payment in full date. Lists of your TC1200 spot status will be posted on the website and riders will be listed according to their payment status (no amounts will be listed, just partial or full payment may be indicated). Mail in applications will be available upon request only. In the event more applications are received than available ride spots, the spots will be filled according to payment in full date.
Payment in FULL must be received to get a ride spot.

In the event that you meet the application requirements and a ride spot is not available, you will be notified that you have been placed on a waiting list.

Taste of Carolina reserves the right to refuse any application, entry or participation of any person in any of our events!

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Click here to go to pre-reg form

2014 TC1200k Rider List

  1. Andy Albershardt – Gunnison CO
  2. Carl Andersen – Belmont CA – San Francisco Randonneurs
  3. Joe Avolis – New Bern NC – Bicycle for Life
  4. Robert Bergeron – Raleigh NC
  5. Bob Bingham – Graham NC – Randonneurs USA
  6. Ed Boltz – Fulton NY – Audax Atlanta
  7. Clyde Butt – San Jose CA – San Francisco Randonneurs
  8. Andy Cox – Aberystwyth, Wales, UK – Cardiff Byways
  9. Alain Cuillerier – St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec Canada
  10. Kevin Fitzpatrick – Alameda CA – San Francisco Randonneurs
  11. Ken Knutson – Tracy CA – Davis Bike Club
  12. Bob Lockwood – Castro Valley CA – San Francisco Randonneurs
  13. Makoto Miwa – Commerce TWP MI – Detroit Randonneurs
  14. Rich Mueller – Mendota Heights MN – Twin Cities Bicycling Club
  15. Mark Olsen - Rochester MN - Twin Cities Bicycling Club
  16. William Olsen - NJ - Western Jersey Wheelmen
  17. Frederic Perman – Pierrefonds Quebec Canada
  18. Jason Pierce – Oakland CA
  19. Andrew Radford – Saint Louis MO
  20. Robert Rich – Loveland OH
  21. Joel Sandberg – Appleton WI – Great Lakes Randonneurs
  22. Barry Schwartz – Los Altos CA – San Francisco Randonneurs
  23. Gary Shaffer - Topsham ME – New England Randonneurs
  24. Stanley Shreve – Rochester MN –Twin Cities Bicycling Club
  25. Jeff Simpson – Concord NC – Randonneurs USA
  26. Larry Sokolsky – Portola Valley CA – San Francisco Randonneurs
  27. Bradford Smith – Redwood City CA
  28. Joe Todd – Decatur GA – Audax Atlanta
  29. Adam Wilson – Vancouver WA – Oregon Randonneurs
  30. As of Sep 15, 2014

Additional 1200k Riders
- only pre-reg has been received

  1. Charles Adams – Midland TX – Lone Star Randonneaurs
  2. Bill Alford – Charlotte NC – Bicycle for Life
  3. Phil Creel – Columbia SC – Carolina Cyclers
  4. Paul Donaldson – Richmond VA – DC Randonneurs
  5. Mary Florian – Fayetteville NC
  6. Geof Simons – Cary NC – NCBC
  7. As of Sep 15, 2014

1000k Riders
- pre-reg has been received

  1. Brian Burke – Cumming GA – Audax Atlanta
  2. Jenny Hatfield – Oakland CA – San Francisco Randonneurs
  3. Patrick Herlihy – Redwood City CA – San Francisco Randonneurs
  4. As of Sep 15, 2014

1200k Volunteer Pre-ride will be about Sep 25th

TC1200k interested List

We will be posting a list of those that are interested in riding the TC1200k
so you will know that your interest has been noted!
Thanks for letting us know!

Once a rider has officially registered, or has indicated that they will not be able to ride, their name will be removed from the below list

Riders interested in 1200k

  1. John Appel
  2. Henk Bouhuyzen - Toronto, Ontario Canada - Randonneurs Ontario - Toronto
  3. Terri Gooch
  4. Luke Heller
  5. Steve Hilliger – Lancaster MA
  6. Jim House – Maumee OH
  7. Mark Rougeux – Louisville KY
  8. Martin Shipp – Raliegh NC
  9. Stephen Kenny

1200k Riders - Pre-reg'd DNS


Drop Bags

For those that are doing the TC1200
Up to 3 or 4 small individual drop bags may be used and can be taken to the main intermediate controls along the route for you, more details later.

The drop bags are planned to be taken to the official overnight Main hotel/controls only for you. The bags will be picked up at or before the control closing time / near the time when the last rider leaves the control and we will bring the bags to the Huntersville finish control near the end of the 1200k time limit.

Please do not put anything in your drop bag that you cannot do without for a few days just in case we miss you or don't get them to you at the finish for some reason.

Important !!! Note:
If you do not wait at the finish for your drop bags, they can be shipped to you at your expense, BFL will not pay for shipping of items to you.

We will not be responsible for your drop bags or items in your drop bags.

Drop bags can taken to the Main Controls

Remember -

  • MAX 3 bags - 1 bag per chosen MC's

    No Wheels, bike frames, large items, etc.
    No laptops, iPads, or similar electronics/computers
    No fluid in bottles such as water, gatorade, pre-mixed drinks, sodas, etc.
    Only small bags : RUSA style, small-med duffle, small back packs
    No paper bags
    All bag must be well labeled/tagged with riders name on outside
    (we will have some labels for riders)


    also have name & contact info inside each bag
    The bags most likely will not be shuttled forward,
    so once a control is closed most drop bags will most likely be taken to the finish.

With the new route - map below - these should be the main controls

- MC1 - Huntersville NC – Quality Inn

SLEEP Stop 1

- MC5 - Anderson SC – Holiday Inn Express Anderson
183 miles – 295 km - alternate early sleep stop option
- MC6 - Greenwood SC – Extended Stay
230 miles – 370 km - sleep stop only if you don't sleep at MC5

SLEEP Stop 2

- MC8 - Sylvania GA – Sylvania Inn
361 miles – 581 km - sleep stop
- MC9 - Pooler GA – Econo Lodge
422 miles – 680 km - alternate sleep stop

No bags will be taken to c10 or c11

-c10 - Savannah - hotels in this area if you need but not included in cost
-c11 - Hardeeville - hotels in this area if you need but not included in cost
There are no stores between Hardeeville and Barnwell

SLEEP Stop 3

- MC12 - Barnwell SC – Days Inn Barnwell
542 miles – 872 km
- MC14 - Clinton SC – Travelers Inn
649 miles – 1044 km


- MC16 - Huntersville NC – Quality Inn
754 miles – 1214 km

Remember - max 3 bags

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Control Card samples

Images will be posted later



Since there are many styles and riding habits of riders that will be participating in the event, if you need to sleep some other place than a main control where TC1200 has rooms reserved for a rider. Riders must decide where the plan to sleep so we can plan for that.

For the 2014 TC1200
riders will need to reserve and pay for their own rooms

  1. at the start / finish
  2. if you need to sleep some other place than a main control where TC1200 has rooms reserved for a rider. Rider must decide where the plan to sleep so we can plan for that.

There are a few towns that have reasonable accommodation available for many different tastes or habits of the riders.

We are working with Hotels at the start/finish and hopefully will set aside a block of rooms which will allow riders to reserve/book a place to stay as needed at a good reduced rate.

So please make your Wednesday and finish nights reservations soon.
TC1200 will have a staff room at start/finish and a storage room for the weekend at the start/finish hotel. We will also be using the staff room on Wednesday night for packet pickup if it is raining or you are late arriving.

For Wednesday we will have food arrangements planned, etc. either in the parking lot or a nearby restaurant.


Starts will be from a parking lot across from host hotel

Please do not park at the host hotel unless you have a room there all weekend

There is a large parking lot on the west side of US-21 across from the hotel


We have tried to get the best rates that we can for the start/finish hotel
Please call Quality Inn directly to get rates listed below.
Make sure you mention Tony Goodnight Taste of Carolina Bicycle Ride

You may also want to work with
Meillyn's Travel to get other travel and hotels arranged


Wednesday Oct 8 – SaturdayOct 11 – Sunday Oct 12

Thursday Oct 9

Friday Oct 10

Several hotels in Savannah GA & Hardeeville SC
Riders must pay for any of those stays

Saturday Oct 11


Wednesday Meal for riders

There will be a cookout with grilled-food, snacks and drinks early Wednesday afternoon / evening. Everyone really liked that for 2010 1000k & for 2011 & 2012 TC1200

There is also a Waffle House close for pre-ride fueling (not included in cost)

Some food or snacks and liquid will be available at the TC1200 staffed main controls

We will have a variety of food and drinks in the main control rooms we'll use

Riders need to buy, get or carry their own food along the route. There are many stores at reasonable intervals along much of the routes and many will be open when most riders are traveling on route.

If you plan to ride straight through quickly and not stop for much sleep on the TC1200, there may be some long sections at night where there are not any stores open, so please plan accordingly.

Meals along the route are the responsibility of each rider. Many controls are stores and stores may be available between controls, many of which that will be indicated on the cue sheets when posted.

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The TC1200 ride fee amount will be dependent on when you pay in full for your spot in the event!
Please plan ahead!
Cost is subject to change if the economy has a drastic swing in the cost of holding/hosting the event.

Please pay in US dollars only!

Full Payment Before TC1200 TC1000

No Jersey With Jersey No Jersey
Full Payment Before Sep 15 450 500
with jersey -
may be late getting to you
Payments should be made payable to
Bicycle for Life
If you are mailing payment please send it to

Bicycle for Life
Tony Goodnight
1935 Barringer Rd
Salisbury NC 28147

Please pay in US dollars only!

Credit Cards are only accepted online through PayPal
Please add a note along with your payment indicating what it is for!

Pay now with your PayPal account

Click below to make a payment now!

Payment may be made using PayPal, a good check, money order or in person with cash given to High Point RBA
Payment time will be determined as follows:
PayPal = date:time paid
Check or Money Order = date:time post marked if mailed or date:time given to RBA
Cash = date:time given to RBA

Cancellation & Refunds- You may cancel by notifying us by email

Your refund will strictly be based on the following
for confirmed riders
(subject to change):

* Before June 1: full refund minus $20 & any transaction's fees
* Before July 1: full refund minus $50
* Before Aug 1: full refund minus $100 and minus cost of jerseys ordered
* Before Aug 15: 50% refund and minus cost of jerseys ordered.

* NO REFUNDS after Aug 15 2014
* Thereafter: no refund

The 90 hour group will start Oct 9 2014 at 4 AM, rain or shine.

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You may apply before qualifying. If you have not yet qualified, note this on your application,
and give us the details when you do complete qualifying.
If you have not qualified by Sep 15th, your spot for the event may be lost
and may only be refunded according to our Cancellation & Refund statements.

All entrants to the TC1200 should meet the following the following qualifications:

* Successful completion of a 200, 300, 400, and 600 kilometer brevet series
in either calendar year 2012, 2013 or 2014 prior to the start of the TC1200 or TC1000
or completed a 1200k within the previous 2 years or a 1000k within the last year.
Qualifying events may be a mix of ACP brevets or RUSA brevets.
Longer brevets may be substituted for shorter events if necessary.
In limited circumstances, the rider may apply to the RBA for other substitutions.
* All riders must agree to and sign Bicycle for Life & RUSA liability waivers prior to the start of the ride.
* All riders should be members of Bicycle for Life if you want extra insurance while participating in the events we organize
* All riders must pass a bike inspection the evening before the ride.
See the schedule page for the time and location of this inspection.
* All riders should be physically and mentally fit enough to complete the event entered
and have no current health issues that would prevent finishing or that may harm the rider by participating in the event.

To look up your past results for RUSA use this link and enter your RUSA number.

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The 2014 design will be a similar color scheme, but with slight changes in design elements,

The TC1200 Jersey will not be included for 2014 TC1200 event unless you pay the extra $50 when you send in your payment.

If you get a jersey, it should be in your packet provided your payment is received soon enough to get it printed. Otherwise it will be shipped to the TC1200 participants after it is printed.

Additional jerseys may be ordered, if order is placed early enough. All jerseys ordered after July 1 may be delayed considerably! Orders for the jersey may be placed before and after event. A link for sizing will be posted and size will be confirmed prior placing the jersey order.

We may have matching items such as shorts, vest, arm warmers, etc. More info later.

The basic price of an extra short sleeve jersey will be $60 plus shipping(as needed). A full price list for all items, including options may be posted later.

Orders may not be available after the event is done and we have gone home!

Below is approximate design for the 2014 jersey

Below was design for the 2013 jersey

Below was the 2012 design

Below was the 2011 design

Size chart

These are general fit guidelines to help you determine your sizing.

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2013 TC1200k cue sheet

You will get a paper copy of cue sheets at packet pickup, but you may want to look these over prior to the ride

1200 cue.pdf

1200 cue.xls

TC1200 GPS links

  • GPS full route active map ~ mile 0 to 749

GPS section of the route for smaller files and faster calculation

  • Hunterville NC to Hendersonville NC ~ mile 0 to 115
  • Hendersonville NC to Anderson SC ~ mile 115 to 183
  • Anderson SC to Greenwood SC ~ mile 183 to 229
  • Greenwood SC to Savannah GA ~ mile 229 to 431
  • Savannah GA to Clinton SC ~ mile 431 to 649
  • Clinton SC to Huntersville NC ~ mile 649 to 749

2013 - TC1200 General map

August 26, 2013 version

More info will be posted, if you are interested in riding the TC1200k please use our Contact form or and you will be put on our contact list and will be in the first group to be allowed to register.

Rider limit

It is very important if you are interested in participating in the TC1200 that you take time to to send a dedicated email to BFL, with the the subject "TC1200k info" or similar, stating that you want more info about the TC1200k in the body of your email. You may also use the contact form online with the info request in the comment section.

To be fair, since the event may fill-up, those who send in a request for info will be in the first group (based on the email/contact date) to be notified with more details. They also will be in the first group who will be allowed to pre-reg or register for the TC1200k once registration opens up. Those in that first group will have 7 to 10 days from the date registration notification is sent out to claim a spot, then registration will be open to the next group and then it will be open to all others

The event may fill-up,
so let us know if you are interested in riding!!!!!!

If the rider limit is reached, there will be a waiting list, so let us know.

TC1200 volunteers may be able to pre-ride the course as a group on one of the 2 weekends just prior to the official start of the TC1200k, Pre-ride dates for possible credit will be Sep 27-30 During the pre-ride the controls will not be fully staffed BFL, so you'll need to plan accordingly if you attempt a pre-ride for credit! All who pre-ride must help/volunteer some during the actual TC1200k event.

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2013 TC1200 Results

RBA Tony Goodnight
Organizing Club Bicycle For Life Club / 933057
Region NC: High Point
Date of Event 2013/10/10
Event Type RM
Event Distance 1200
Starters 52
Finishers 47
DNFs 5

RUSA # Last Name First Name Time Gender Nationality
AKBARIAN Hamid 67:15
United States
ANDERSON Jacob 83:15
United States
ASHBY Melanie H 78:59
United States
AVOLIS Joe C 83:24
United States
BERGERON Robert D 83:33
United States
BLACKER D Rick 83:10
United States
BOLTZ H Edward 66:45
United States
BOUHUYZEN Henk 67:15
BRUCE Bob 83:10
United States
COURTNEY Greg 83:10
United States
CREAMER Tim 81:49
United States
CREEL Phil 83:20
United States
DRISCOLL Dan 83:10
United States
DROEGE Thomas Lee 83:10
United States
DUSEL Peter W 85:11
United States
EHLMAN II Thomas 82:55
United States
FISCHER William 67:15
United States
FLANIGAN John W 67:15
United States
FLORIAN Mary J 84:00
United States
FLORIAN Thomas F 84:00
United States
FOSTER Janet 85:11
United States
GRAHAM Larry D 81:49
United States
HANDS Ian Page 84:00
United States
HELLER Luke 83:10
United States
United States
LAWRENCE Joel 84:00
United States
LUCAS Tim 84:33
United States
MIWA Makoto 85:30
MUONEKE Vincent 83:10
United States
NAKAMURA Tammie 84:33
United States
OLSEN Mark W 81:25
United States
OLSEN William 81:25
United States
OLMSTEAD O. John 84:33
United States
OVERDUIN Liz 79:25
PATZ Larry 79:04
United States
PECK Tom 85:11
United States
PELTIER John 89:43
United States
PHELPS Jerry L 84:00
United States
PHELPS Wayne 78:59
United States
ROYSE Stephen 82:38
United States
SCHMIT Michael 83:10
United States
SHAPIRO Paul G 85:11
United States
SHREVE Stanley P 82:55
United States
SMITH Vernon M 67:15
United States
SUTTON Stuart Keith 85:18
United States
THOMAS Mark 83:10
United States
TORRES Bob 82:28
United States

2012 TC1200 Results

RBA Tony Goodnight
Organizing Club Bicycle For Life Club / 933057
Region NC: High Point
Date of Event 2012/08/29
Event Type RM
Event Distance 1200
Starters 50
Finishers 41
DNFs 9
RUSA # Last Name First Name Time Gender Nationality
4207 ADAMS Chip 72:32 M United States
4424 ANDERSON Michael 85:30 M United States
6628 BERGERON Robert D 85:57 M United States
6527 BOLTZ H Edward 74:30 M United States
6365 CHIN-HONG Patrick 85:20 M United States
7449 D'AIUTO Ruth Ann 73:40 F United States
153 ELLIS John Lee 78:15 M United States
3459 FLORIAN Mary J 86:44 F United States
1471 FOLEY Paul A 78:59 M United States
7063 GALLO Agnes L 83:18 F United States
6245 GREENE Nigel 88:20 M United States
6176 HANDS Ian Page 75:50 M United States
3985 HISCOX George M 67:44 M United States
5393 KELLER Eric 84:40 M United States
692 LAWRENCE Joel 74:30 M United States
7406 MCGUIRE Brian R 72:32 M United States
693 MIDURA Lawrence A 75:12 M United States
4649 MORRIS John 86:44 M United States
621 MORTON Byron E 85:57 M United States
4245 NEEL Maile 84:40 F United States
6182 NELSON Bryan K 72:32 M United States
2860 OLSEN Mark W 86:10 M United States
2813 OLSEN William 86:10 M United States
8001 PARKER Maria 69:34 F United States
5232 PARSELLS Anthony J S 67:44 M United States
3525 PHELPS Jerry 75:50 M United States
2375 PRESTON John 83:18 M United States
5746 RIERSON Bryan 85:20 M United States
6731 RUPP Richard J 74:35 M United States
2365 SCHROEDER Henrik A. 83:18 M United States
3108 SHENK Catherine 70:44 F United States
5867 SHERRICK Keith 73:43 M United States
5350 SIMONS Geof 75:50 M United States
6624 SMITH Paul K 83:18 M United States
1847 STURGILL Michael R 72:32 M United States
64 THOMAS Mark 80:31 M United States
4226 THOMPSON W David 70:44 M United States
5642 TRINIDAD Thomas 75:12 M United States
4495 TYER Vickie 84:40 F United States
6371 VARGAS Luis 83:18 M United States
108 VLASVELD Paul 84:50 M United States

2012 TC1000 Results

RBA Tony Goodnight
Organizing Club Bicycle For Life Club / 933057
Region NC: High Point
Date of Event 2012/08/29
Event Type ACPB
Event Distance 1000
Starters 2
Finishers 2
DNFs 0
RUSA # Last Name First Name Time
3446 BECK William 65:55
5572 HENDERSON Michael 63:54

2011 TC1200 Results

Region Club Type Distance Date Finishers DNF
NC: High Point Bicycle For Life Club 933057 RM 1200 2011/09/03 16 5

2011 Taste of Carolina 1200k - Finishers

Cert# Name Club / ACP Code Time
US-4719 BOUHUYZEN, Henk Randonneurs Ontario - Toronto / 011801 75:48
US-4720 BRANDT, Curt Randonneurs USA / 909095 85:45
US-4721 DONOHUE, Joan Carolina Cyclers / 940041 85:50
US-4722 FLORIAN, Mary J Freewheelers of Spartanburg / 940046 85:45
US-4723 FRITZINGER, Micah Louisville Bicycle Club / 917002 83:30
US-4724 JAGEL, Donald Pennsylvania Randonneurs / 938017 69:30
US-4725 LASHLEY, Lynn Randonneurs USA / 933095 69:30
US-4726 LAWRENCE, Joel Randonneurs USA / 933095 85:45
US-4727 LUCAS, Tim Randonneurs USA / 933095 85:45
US-4728 NIXON, David W Audax Atlanta / 910004 69:30
US-4729 OLSEN, Mark W Twin Cities Bicycling Club / 923013 85:50
US-4730 OLSEN, William Western Jersey Wheelmen / 930025 85:50
US-4731 RIERSON, Bryan North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 83:10
US-4732 SATHER, Charles Randonneurs USA / 946095 85:50
US-4733 SIMONS, Geof Randonneurs USA / 933095 83:30
US-4734 WELSH, Rob Twin Cities Bicycling Club / 923013 79:07